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Apps and Mobile Security Policy

Below are the standard features we offer to keep our clients' websites secure.

  • The servers holding our clients' websites including the databases are housed in a physically secure data centre located in the UK. This includes physical locks, security guards and sprinklers.
  • Data between the user's computer and the server is secured with SSL.
  • All user accounts are password protected.
    • Each account has specific permissions to limit what data they can access.
    • Passwords are stored as a salted hash using the SHA-512 algorithm multiple times to avoid anyone stealing passwords.
  • All bank details are stored on our partner Go Cardless' system. You can find out about their security here: https://gocardless.com/security/ .
  • All data is backed up each night. It is backup up both locally and to an external machine located within the Apps and Mobile offices within a locked room.